By adding a security system to your home, office or commercial site you can save money on your insurance premiums, but more importantly you increase the protection of your loved ones and assets.

Whether you are considering an installation of a new system, or an upgrade to an existing security system, contact Chief for a no-obligation free consultation. Our specialist team will ensure you are recommended the best security option for your building type and surroundings.

In addition to our standard security packages, why not consider our other digital security options.  Items such as keyless entry and intercoms support growing homes, providing digital access and security to teenagers and peace of mind to parents.

Access Control and other digital security products are valuable in office and commercial settings to ensure the highest level of accountability with staff, and to help you to adhere to Work Health & Safety (WHS) requirements to account for on-site personnel.

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Security Systems

Chief ensures every installation has the optimum configuration and products for your home, office or commercial sites.

We offer:

  • 3 months free monitoring*
  • 8-16 zone control panels* – expandable to site requirements
  • 3-8 movement sensors* – expandable to site requirements
  • Recessed internal siren
  • LED, LCD or touchscreen keypads
  • Remote controls (for alarm + roller door)
  • Hard wired compliant smoke detectors
  • Installation of a phone connection and all required cabling
  • Full testing and commissioning
  • 2-year product warranty + 1-year installation guarantee

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For larger commercial systems please call 08 8443 9877 to speak one of our specialists.

*conditions apply


Security Monitoring

Chief offers 3 months free monitoring* with all new systems connected to a standard phone line.  Our tailored security systems offer movement sensors and entry-point triggers that can alert our monitoring company, who will then contact you regarding any irregularities.  Our skilled security team are always on call should the need arise for a site visit, and of course emergency services are alerted if police, firefighters or an ambulance are required.

Chief security systems are traditionally monitored over your existing phone lines which provide a simple way to ensure your home stays monitored (supported by battery back-up) even during a power outage.

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Security Monitoring using a secure mobile network (phone line replacement system)

With the growing number of households opting to go without a permanent home line, Chief offers a phone line replacement system to enable you to still have a monitored security system within your home or office USING SECURE 3G NETWORKS.  Our range of options gives you increased flexibility in monitoring to fit in with your wireless home.

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Take-over of your existing monitoring

With our competitive weekly monitoring rates, and our free 3 months monitoring offered to all new customers on standard phone lines, many Adelaide homes and offices are choosing to use Chief Security Ι Communications Ι Sound for their monitoring needs.

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Closed-circuit television (CCTV)

Offers residential and commercial sites the ability to monitor various internal and external points of a building for security and peace of mind.  Our systems enable you to view each of your camera zones in real time, or using stored data capability, at a later date.  We also offer access to real-time viewing from your smartphone or online, for select systems.

We offer:

  • Multiple internal / external cameras – expandable to site requirements
  • Infra-red illuminators and colour during the day
  • Full HD images, with up to 30m range
  • Network digital video recorder (with a 3 terabyte hard drive)
  • LED 22”-24” monitor
  • Internet connection + cabling for smartphone access
  • Remote viewing (optional)
  • 2-year product warranty + 1-year installation guarantee

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Access Control

Provides commercial sites with 24/7 access restriction, by providing staff with unique key-cards or codes for access. The ability to record access data on incoming and outgoing staff is a valuable asset of keyless entry systems.  Unique entry codes with our keyless entry systems also eliminate access risks for rotating staff or a transitional workforce.

Our customers like to integrate their intercom and CCTV technology into their Access Control, for a complete security risk management system.

We offer:

  • 15-30 re-usable access cards or fobs for staff (with the option to purchase more if needed)
  • 1-4 door readers / card readers (depending on your site access points)
  • Door strikes / mag locks
  • Installation and provision of all required cabling
  • Optional programming of limited access points on specific cards
  • 2-year product warranty + 1-year installation guarantee

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Intercom systems

The ability to screen visitors to your home or office via an intercom system, is increasingly used for safety and peace of mind.  Audio and video intercom systems are increasingly becoming a standard part of new home builds, integrating with home or office security for a complete line of defence around a building.

Our range of intercom systems can blend seamlessly into your external façade, offering increased security with minimal impact on an entrance. Our systems integrate into our other security and communications options too.

We offer:

  • Robust weather resistant external door station
  • Standard or LCD touch screen interior master station
  • 2-year product warranty + 1-year installation guarantee
  • Image storing functions (for visual monitoring options)
  • Optional electrical door release

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Keyless Entry

For both residential and commercial premises, keyless entry is a useful solution for our changing pace of life and use of buildings.  As individuals and professionals are streamlining as many of their personal effects into digital mediums, keyless entry offers a simple way to provide access to entry-points in a home, office or commercial site.

Home: With flexibility in programming, families can easily opt to provide their teenagers with a unique code that automatically opens access via a side door to their home, or through an automated garage door – eliminating the need for duplicate keys or the risk of loss.’

We offer:

  • Robust weather resistant external door station
  • Door strikes as required
  • Installation and provision of all required cabling
  • Optional programming of multiple entries
  • 2-year product warranty + 1-year installation guarantee

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