The psychology of trash, and what it tells potential burglars

OK, so you don’t need a Degree to understand the psychology of trash, you just need to understand that the boxes you leave out on recycling day, provide all the insight needed for burglars to know what you own.

Just purchased a big-screen TV or other major appliance? Consider the following tips for disposing of the packaging in a way that doesn’t alert potential thieves to your new purchases:

  1. Cut down the box and fit it into your recycling bin and avoid whole boxes being visible from the road.
  2. If your workplace allows it, consider taking your packaging to dispose of at work, in their larger recycling bins.
  3. If you have space, save up your recycling and drop it off to a local depot in bulk.

This is just one area to consider in overall home security.  Contact Chief today, and we’ll be happy to let you know about our full range of home security and monitoring options, including our 3-months free monitoring.