Vacuum your smoke alarm, and other interesting tips to increase home safety

Everyone knows to change their smoke alarm batteries at the end of ‘daylight’ savings, but did you know that there are few other things that you should be doing to keep your family safe?

  1. Test your smoke alarm monthly – whether it is in your own home, or you are helping to care for elderly family members, schedule to press the ‘test button’ once per month, to ensure the smoke alarm is working effectively. We like to add a reminder to our digital calendar, just to make sure we complete this 10 second check.
  2. Vacuum your smoke alarm – I’m not sure what your home is like, but in ours, dust seems to accumulate quickly in all areas of the home. It is recommended that home owners vacuum their smoke alarm at least once per year, to ensure the vents stay clean and can work at their best – just in case.

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